April 13, 2018

Ancient Guns for Modern Survival

Guns are all over the news these days. Gun control advocates are eager to outlaw these basic self-defense tools for a number of reasons. For one thing, they have been lied to about gun death statistics for years. For another, they have been conditioned by Hollywood films to perceive a foreboding aura surrounding guns and weapons in general. And finally, they believe that if the government bans a thing that thing will magically disappear from the face of the Earth.

Let’s put these misconceptions to rest before moving on. Over 70% of people who are killed by guns in the United States are the would-be perpetrators of crimes. The majority of the remaining gun deaths are suicides- and remaining unfortunates are killed by accidents and by criminals with guns. As far as the negative perception of guns goes, at some point, people just need to grow up. Cars kill more people than guns. But there is no, nor has there ever has been, a march for our lives against the DMV. As far as the worship of government that convinces people the state has the power to make a thing vanish, I politely refer you to the drug war.

Alright, now on to the useful information.

The fact is that all governments want to disarm their people. It is a fact of life that has proven true for thousands of years. Feudal Japan and China disarmed their people- driving them to invent the eastern martial arts in order to defend their families from state tyranny. Germany, of course, disarmed the German population as a step up toward the genocide of the Jews. Today, the Islamic mayor of London is pushing for a knife ban while denying the fact that the knife attacks are coming from a criminal implant population.

This, my friends, is what tyranny looks like. It comes with a smile. It takes away your ability to protect yourself, and then it seizes total control. Total state control always results in massive human tragedy. The previous century has been a seemingly endless Groundhog’s Day of one communist regime after another building itself on equality of outcome, and in every single instance, the result has been mass murder, famine, war, and graves the size of buses.

What this means is that weapons confiscation is a reality that we need to contend with. It’s happened before in the United States, and it’s happened recently. It happened in Louisiana, and people were killed, beaten, and arrested. It happened in Boston, and people were killed, beaten, and arrested. The network news channels covered these stories only briefly. If you haven’t heard about them, that’s why.

For the time being, pro-gun control Democrats are only pushing for laws that would ban the most powerful weapons commonly owned by the public. They are patient, and they know that a total gun ban would never work. Once they get the semi-automatic rifles, then they will come for the handguns. Handguns are used in the overwhelming majority of gun crime, after all- and when the rifles are gone handguns will still work fine for killing innocents in gun free zones.

When they tell you they don’t want to take your guns, they are lying. Gun control is not about saving lives. It’s about getting an independent and self-assure population under the control of people who believe they can govern your life better than you can- and are willing to use violence to do it. You only have to look at Bundy Ranch to learn this lesson.

Now, we have a problem. Whether you think so or not, every modern gun bought legally is on a list somewhere. Whether or not there is an official gun registry, this list of sales can be accessed through a Federal Firearms License registry. When you buy a gun, you submit to a background check and you have to pick your gun up at a licensed gun store.

You cannot have a gun without being on a list. There is, however, an exception to this rule; black powder pistols and muzzle-loading rifles and shotguns.

Single fire, black powder guns are not considered firearms according to the ATF. You can have black powder guns shipped directly to your home with no license, no background check, and no awkward questions from anyone. What’s more, you can purchase conversion cylinders for black powder pistols that transform them from cap and ball revolvers to cartridge fed handguns. That means you can have a single action .38 or .45 revolver that no one knows about. But there’s more.

In a survival situation, you can run a cap and ball pistol using found materials if you have the right tools and the right knowledge. Black powder, caps, and lead balls can be made over a campfire. Black powder can be created using a mixture of potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal. The caps can be made using a small amount of your gunpowder and a special tool for cutting aluminum cans. Lead, once found can be melted over an open flame and formed into lead balls using a special tool.

Men in the Civil War, and living on the range in the old west had to run their guns using whatever they had on hand. Usually, it was standard equipment- but you can be sure they improvised on occasion.

These antique gun designs are not as powerful, fast, or reliable as modern firearms. But they are cheap, sturdy, and it is easy to master the care and use of them if you are determined to do so. And make no mistake, these are viable weapons that have a long history of deadly use and can be used to fight and kill in self-defense situations. More importantly, you can hunt with them and keep yourself fed in a long-term survival scenario.

Liberals laugh at us and say, “The 2nd Amendment only protects your right to own a musket.” But what they fail to understand is that the most famous gunfighters in history lived with these guns on their hips- and if gun control becomes a reality, a black powder pistol could become your best friend.



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