April 28, 2018

Mind Control & Weather Manipulation… Hooah! What is it Good for?

When I hear the terms “mind control” and “weather manipulation” I think of GI Joe. I think of the crazy contraption Destro would sit on that would rise up into the sky and fire crazy energy bolts into the clouds causing horrible weather events to blow Flint and Lady J. out of the air in their F-16 fighter jets- (the toy versions of which were AMAZING!). Or I think of the weird helmets they would put on people’s heads that would turn them into remote control, super suggestible human robots.

This is what we’re supposed to think of when these subjects come up. We’re supposed to think of sci-fi contraptions so outlandish that any suggestion that these things are by definition real is dismissed outright.

The thing is, cloud seeding has been real for decades and is well documented. Cloud seeding has been used to change the outcomes of battles- and it’s as old as powered flight. It’s a closely guarded secret, especially now, because anyone could do it- especially now that cheap drone technology is available right off the shelf.

What about mind control? Well, I can tell you this. Teenagers did not always loathe their parents as a matter of course. That’s new, and it has a lot to do with popular media programming. Ever wonder why it’s called “programming?”

But I’m not here to complain about Judas Priest. I love Pain Killer far too much to do that.

I just wanted to finish off this point with a quick note about real mind control. Consider the word, Government. It is derived from the Latin “gubernare” for “control,” and “mente” for the mind or mentition. …and no, not every word ending in ‘ment’ means mind. Only those derived from Latin.

Gubernare gives us, governor, govern, and gubernatorial, (there was a shift of the ‘b’ to ‘v’ at some point in history). Anyway, there is no controversy that the word govern means ‘control.’ We use it in that sense all the time.

Now, we know the word comes from Latin. That means it really is connected to the word for ‘control.’ That leaves us with no choice but to conclude that the suffix, ‘ment’ comes from the Latin word ‘mente’ meaning the mind.

So it is unavoidable. Government means “mind control.” It does not mean ‘people who are of a mind to control others,’ as some will argue in online forums. But honestly, would that make it any better?

What does this tell us?

It tells us that government is illegitimate. It tells us that we have been indoctrinated to obey. Now, I ask you, what is the difference between something we might call ‘mind control’ and indoctrination to obey?

There is no difference.

Now, it’s time to decide which side you are on; the side of the willing slaves, or the unwilling slaves? Don’t pretend it doesn’t matter.

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