October 2, 2018

On Lies & False Accusations

Lies separate people. Not like a broken marriage where the children will be harmed and at least one of the two partners will spiral into alcoholism and debauchery. Lies separate people in a necessary way, like a purifying fire that leaves a black cake of ash on the chrome- and when you wipe it away- only the shining metal remains. That’s what lies do.

Understand. I am not an advocate of telling lies. Lying is the job of the sold out, the lost, the useless jackasses who only care about power. Only the damned can produce lies. It’s their final gift to us before doing a tailspin into oblivion. The lies they create sharpen us, kill the weak, embolden those with strong bodies and flinty minds.

The bigger the lie, the greater the cleansing. The older the lie, the more meaningful the cull. The most vile lies show you who you can trust. The most opportunistic lies show you who to cast out without a second thought.

For the best lies, watch politics. It doesn’t matter what side you’re on because the spirit of the liar switches sides. Sometimes its on both. Sometimes it’s just on one side. Just watch. Watch them quietly. You’ll see the lies. Don’t worry, as long as you’re honest- you’ll know them when they tell them. The lies are as bright and bold as a sunset.

All you have to do is cling to the knowledge that their claims make no sense. Trust your bullshit detector. It will not fail you. Use the lie to guide you to the truth. Above all, never pretend to believe the lie. Do not even flirt with the idea. Because to do so- even in the subtlest way- is to call the Accuser. You know him by listening to the voice of the lie- it’s always the same voice.


You have harbored a secret evil in your mind.

You have benefited from the crimes of others.

Your fathers wronged the fathers of the weak.

You must pay, suffer… and pay… forever.”


The Accuser is below you and behind you, listening for any sign of weakness.

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